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Aquatic Therapy After a Car Accident

A car accident is a scary experience. Along with the possible damage to the vehicle, many people experience personal injuries such as whiplash, broken bones, trauma, and head injuries. In the United States, more than two million drivers experience a car accident that results in a permanent injury. Different types of rehabilitation therapies, including aquatic therapy, can help alleviate pain and speed up recovery. For anyone looking for aquatic therapy in Sparrows Point, Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center in nearby Essex is the top choice.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy After A Car Accident

Aquatic therapy is a form of rehabilitation therapy where patients perform exercises in water. Water’s buoyancy serves to support the weight of the patient. Plus, buoyancy reduces the pressure and stress on joints. This allows a patient to rehabilitate and exercise while feeling less pain.

Aquatic therapy also utilizes hydrostatic pressure to decrease swelling in the joints. Additionally, the warmth of the water can help to relax muscles, open blood vessels, and increase blood flow to injured areas.

Repetitive exercises are essential in recovery, so patients can retrain their muscles. Unfortunately, many individuals will find it too challenging to perform the necessary exercises, which can lengthen their recovery time. Aquatic therapy is an ideal solution for anyone who is finding regular physiotherapy too challenging.

Every individual will respond to aquatic therapy differently. At Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center Dr. Cohen and the staff work to build an individualized treatment plan that is suited to each patient’s needs.

A Fully Rounded Approach

For the best results, individuals should consider combining their aquatic therapy with chiropractic and physical therapy. Physical therapy will ensure the strength building in water is translating to “land” as well. And chiropractic sessions can provide soothing relief after aerobic aquatic therapy sessions.

Aquatic Therapy in Sparrows Point: Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center

For anyone looking for aquatic therapy in Sparrows Point,  Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center offers comprehensive treatment packages. Patients receive individualized help and can supplement their aquatic therapy with other rehabilitation services such as chiropractic care, non-surgical spinal decompression, physical therapy, and dry needling. Contact Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center to book an appointment today.

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