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Aquatic Therapy After Knee Replacement Surgery

There are many reasons why you may suffer a knee injury. It could be as a result of a simple twist while walking down the street, or a severe sport’s injury such as a fall playing basketball. Fortunately, most knee injuries can be treated with physical therapy and other specialized techniques. Some injuries, however, are severe and your doctor may recommend surgery. Which knee injury requires surgery depends on the nature and extent of your injury, as well as your doctor’s recommendation.

According to Charles Bush-Joseph, an orthopedic surgeon and professor at Rush University Medical Center, three things can help you determine if surgery is right for your knee injury. One is when you have persistent loss of motion and often have trouble bending or stretching your knee. Secondly, you can’t squat. Meaning, you can’t hold the weight of your body on your knee. Finally, when you hear a popping sound or other type of noise when turning or twisting your knee in a certain way. If you only have one or two of the above conditions, primary treatments and therapy may be enough to rectify the situation. But if you have all three, surgery may be the best solution.

Aquatic Rehabilitation Helps Knee Surgery Patients Recover Faster

Aquatic therapy is a form of treatment that includes several exercise programs undertaken in water to assist in patient healing and faster recovery. It’s useful in treating various conditions and injuries. Using the physical properties of water such as buoyancy and viscosity, aquatic therapy ensures better patient healing and exercise performance. According to various studies, aquatic therapy together with land-based therapy provide better and faster healing results compared to land-based therapy alone.

Water’s buoyancy supports a patient’s weight and hence reduces the amount of stress exerted on the recovering knee. Its viscosity creates resistance that allows for the strengthening of muscles without having to use weights. The water’s warmth also relaxes muscles and opens blood vessels to help with better blood flow.

Looking for Aquatic Therapy in Perry Hall MD?

If you undergo knee surgery, take the proper steps to make sure you recover fully. Aquatic therapy at Comprehensive Spine & Sports Therapy is the answer. If you need aquatic therapy in Perry Hall MD, visit our office in Essex. Our goal is to help your knee recuperate and regain its function. Click here to contact us for more information.


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