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Aquatic Therapy After Spine Surgery

Back surgery usually becomes an option after other available treatments do not provide favorable results. However, like other surgeries, proper rehabilitation after the procedure is important to promote healing. Many patients find the soothing benefits of aquatic therapy to be their favorite way to heal. For anyone looking for aquatic therapy in Chase MD, discover Dr. Cohen and his staff at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center in Essex. Read on to learn more about how aquatic therapy can help you after spinal surgery!

Who Are Candidates for Back Surgery?

For individuals who experience continuous, disabling pain and when other treatments were not successful, back surgery becomes a viable option. This type of surgery is often performed to relieve pain and numbness that extends down one or both arms and legs. Individuals who experience intense pain, tingling, and numbness in their arms and legs might have compressed nerves caused by disk problems or an overgrowth of a bone.

After successful back surgery, most people:

  • Move around better with less pain
  • Are able to become more physically fit
  • May experience a mood boost
  • Reduce the amount of pain medicine they take
  • Happily resume their daily lifestyle and schedule

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy After Spinal Surgery

Getting mobility back and reducing pain is the main goal of rehabilitation therapy after surgery. Thanks to aquatic therapy many people enjoy faster healing and less pain.

Due to the buoyancy of the water, aquatic therapy at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center decreases the stress and strain you place on your back. Individuals who are experiencing issues with the discs in their back can strengthen their spine after surgery. Additionally, buoyancy allows individuals to freely twist, turn, and perform other movements that would be nearly impossible on land.

Water is over 587 times more resistant than air, which makes basic land workouts more effective when the same movements are performed in water. Plus, water increases the blood supply to sore joints and muscles so is less painful to exercises in the water. Being in the warn therapeutic water is also comforting and relaxing.

Aquatic Therapy in Chase MD: Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center

As a graduate of Texas Chiropractic College, Dr. Neil Cohen has always possessed a desire to help people live a pain-free, fulfilling life. He and the staff at Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center, provide a variety of rehabilitation services, including physical therapy, chiropractic care, non-surgical spine decompression, and other rehabilitation services. Contact us today to learn about our rehabilitation services or schedule an appointment.


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