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Aquatic Therapy and Pregnancy

Aquatic therapy has long been used in a number of physical therapy programs and rehabilitation plans to help athletes, the elderly, and even pets work muscles and increase range of motion. This same therapy can also be beneficial during pregnancy, helping reduce pain and increase strength leading to an overall healthier pregnancy. If you are an expectant mother in Towson, Maryland looking for aquatic therapy, you can find it at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center.

Benefits of Therapy During Pregnancy

There are many benefits to aquatic therapy during pregnancy, including:

  • The natural buoyancy of water reduces the stress and pressure on muscles and joints allowing a wider range of motion and less pain.
  • The bending and lifting that go along with being a new mom can cause a lot of stress on the back muscles leading to lower back pain. Aquatic therapy during pregnancy can help strengthen those muscles in preparation for the new requirements of caring for a baby. This will reduce the chances of lower back pain once the baby is born.
  • Hydrostatic pressure can reduce inflammation in the body and improved blood circulation, both of which are important during pregnancy.
  • Being in water reduces the risks of falls during exercise making it a safe exercise alternative for expecting mothers.
  • Aquatic therapy has also been shown to reduce emotional stress in expecting mothers, creating a healthier pregnancy.

Aquatic therapy is not only during pregnancy, there are many others who suffer pain and limited mobility. Physical therapists use aquatic therapy to strengthen muscles, work on recovering range of motion after injury or surgery and stay in shape. Elderly clients are able to perform aquatic therapy exercises that are easy on joints with a decreased risk of falls or injuries. Aquatic therapy is also good for pets who may be suffering from mobility issues due to age or injury.

Trust the Pros for Aquatic Therapy in Towson

If you are looking for aquatic therapy in the Towson, Maryland area, call the professionals at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center today and learn how they can help you alleviate the pain and stress of pregnancy. Dr. Neil Cohen has over 35 years of experience successfully treating thousands of patients via aquatic therapy and more.

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