Aquatic Therapy Exercises Achieve Positive Results

Aquatic therapy attracts a wide variety of followers, with more people participating over recent years. As an alternative to traditional physical therapy on land, aquatic therapy has proven very effective with all age groups and fitness levels. It provides a comprehensive range of benefits for numerous conditions. For anyone looking for aquatic therapy in Dundalk, Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center in Essex is here to help.

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Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

Traditional physical therapy is often difficult for those with limited mobility or intense pain. However, aquatic therapy proves to be more versatile. Those who have movement issues receive assistance from water that is just not available on land. This factor makes aquatic therapy so effective for many different injuries and chronic ailments.

Water provides buoyancy that helps support the patient’s weight, creating less stress on the joints. Even those who have serious trouble moving on land gain mobility during pool therapy. There’s no need for weights in aquatic therapy. The water itself provides resistance for strengthening muscles. The temperature of the water is, in itself, therapeutic. The warmth aids in relaxing muscles, allowing for better movement. It also opens the blood vessels, increasing the blood flow to the injury.

What Aquatic Therapy Can Accomplish

Aquatic therapy can be used to treat many health issues. People find success after therapy if they suffer from arthritis, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, work-related injuries, stroke, chronic pain, scoliosis, joint-replacement surgery recovery, and many more serious conditions. Any health issue that threaten a person’s mobility and quality of life benefits from aquatic therapy. Major goals of aquatic therapy include:

  • Better flexibility
  • Better balance and coordination
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Help with mobility and gait
  • Reduced stress

Effective Aquatic Therapy Exercises

Each exercise in an aquatic therapy session is carefully chosen to provide optimum benefits for your unique situation. While programs vary, the following are examples of some common therapist-recommended exercises:

  • Water walking and jogging
  • Forward lunges and side lunges
  • Balancing on one leg
  • Hip-kickers
  • Arm raises
  • Knee lifts
  • Squat jumps

All Ages and Levels of Mobility Find Success with Aquatic Therapy in Dundalk

When your mobility is threatened by injury or health condition, therapy is imperative to your full recovery. Aquatic therapy can speed the healing process and help you gain flexibility and coordination you never thought possible. If you are looking for aquatic therapy in Dundalk, Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center offers a full spectrum of physical therapy, aquatic therapy, and chiropractic services. Contact Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center today to find out how we can help.

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