Aquatic Therapy in Baltimore Benefits Heart Health

Both swimming and aquatic therapy have long been known as an enjoyable activity and effective treatment. As a low impact forms of exercise, they treat a wide array of issues. However, for years professionals believed that aquatic therapy was not a good choice for heart patients. In fact, the opposite was true.aquatic therapy in Baltimore -- Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center

Now, the National Swimming Pool Foundation recommends aquatic therapy as treatment for many heart conditions. Dozens of studies and reviews prove the many benefits. Should you be looking for aquatic therapy in Baltimore, read on to learn more about services offered by Comprehensive Spine & Sports Therapy in Essex.

What are the Benefits of Aquatic Therapy?

Aquatic therapy boasts numerous advantages. The buoyancy of water helps to take the weight bearing load off of a patient, making exercise easier on the joints. It also provides favorable resistance for exercise programs. Additionally, warm water helps to relax muscles and increases blow flow. Also, it vasodilates blood vessels helping to relieve back pain and muscle spasms. The water also gives you even pressure from all angles. Therefore, helping those with balance problems to better stay upright.

Aquatic Therapy is Promising Treatment for Heart Patients

Aquatic therapy has been studied extensively over the past decade, and thus far all of the results have been promising. According to a study published by Joy Murray at the University of Wisconsin in 2015, aquatic therapy is an excellent choice for patients. Especially those that may not be able to perform all of their tasks in dry land, but find success with the aid of the natural buoyancy in water.

For example, those with limited mobility will find it easier to walk for six minutes in the water than they will on dry land. Adjusting immersion levels aids those who need limited joint stress and helps create a larger range of motion. The author also found that the natural hydrostatic pressure found in water helps increase blood flow which in turn allows the heart to experience higher blood volume without working harder.

Aquatic Therapy and Hypertensive Women

With this knowledge in mind, it is hardly surprising that another study found that aquatic therapy was a great way to lower blood pressure in hypertensive women that are post-menopausal. In a research article published in 2013, a group of authors found that aquatic therapy is just as effective as dry land training to help reduce blood pressure in women. The results proved that women completing the aquatic workout saw the same reduction in systolic BP as those who were in a traditional dry land cardiac rehab.

Discover Aquatic Therapy in Baltimore

If you feel unsteady on your feet or need some assistance to help complete exercises, then aquatic therapy may be a good fit for you. If you are ready to try aquatic therapy in Baltimore contact Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center for an evaluation.

Along with aquatic therapy, Dr. Neil Cohen and the staff of Comprehensive Spine & Sports Therapy Center offer numerous other treatments to reduce pain and improve mobility. Our services include individualized chiropractic care and physical therapy, as well as orthopedic rehabilitation. We provide treatment after automobile accidents and sports injuries in addition to post-surgical care.

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