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Aquatic Therapy in Baltimore Eases Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Fibromyalgia is a chronic illness that can dictate every day of your life, because you never know when a flare is going to debilitate you. Regular exercise is one thing that may help improve your symptoms. Unfortunately, the disease makes it tricky because too much exercise can worsen your symptoms.

A low impact form of exercise called aquatic therapy can be tailored to your tolerance level and help improve your day-to-day symptoms. Now is the time to look into aquatic therapy in Baltimore at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center. Our programs use warm water exercises and help improve some of the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy in Baltimore

Studies show that warm-water exercise has the potential to offer some benefits for people with fibromyalgia. For instance, it can improve pain threshold to help make symptoms of fibromyalgia more manageable and can reduce tender-point counts. Additionally, regular aquatic therapy can help improve mental health and cognitive function. Plus, it can also help decrease body fat which in turn will reduce the effect of fibromyalgia on the body.

Warm Water Exercises and Fibromyalgia

The reason that aquatic therapy helps those with fibromyalgia is because it is a low impact form of exercise. Vigorous exercise will pull on joints and ligaments that already ache from fibromyalgia, but the buoyancy of the water relieves pressure from your joints and ligaments as you work out. The warm water itself also soothes the body, which makes exercise less likely to trigger any painful episodes. In fact, most people leave aquatic therapy feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Finding the Right Aquatic Therapy in Baltimore

In order to get the best results from therapy, you need to work with a trained therapist who has experience treating fibromyalgia with aquatic therapy. Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center is a premier rehabilitation center with specialized expertise in aquatic therapy in Baltimore. Dr. Neil Cohen and the staff at Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center create personalized therapy routines meant to ease your symptoms. Reach out today for more information.

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