Aquatic Therapy in Baltimore MD for Sports Injuries

Sadly, each year many athletes are injured doing the activities that they love. Getting back to top-form takes time and the right form of therapy. Aquatic therapy is becoming increasingly popular with athletes because it provides them with a safe way to heal their body. If you suffer an injury and need aquatic therapy in Baltimore MD, consider a visit to Comprehensive Spine and Sports Therapy in Essex. We offer aquatic therapy, physical therapy and chiropractic care. aquatic therapy in Baltimore MD -- Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center

Diminish the Impact on Muscles and Joints

One reason why it’s so difficult for athletes to recover after an injury or surgery is because they can’t put their full body weight on the injured area without risking further damage. Aquatic therapy creates buoyancy diminishing the weight put on joints and muscles. Consequently, the patient can safely perform a wide variety exercises designed just for them.

Aquatic Therapy in Baltimore MD is Good for Everyone

Regardless of how severe an injury is, aquatic therapy provides the opportunity to regain strength and begin the healing process. Specially designed tools for use during aquatic therapy that can help people to stay afloat. Therefore, even if someone can’t swim due to their injury or ability, they can participate. Additionally, these tools also allow the focus to be on strengthening the body versus worrying about swimming at the same time.

Gradually Heal Your Body with Customized Therapy

Physical therapy is designed to help the body heal. However, some of exercises aren’t ideal for someone who has a fresh injury. Aquatic therapy allows people to start physical therapy sooner. As a result, they start the healing process as soon as possible.

When an athlete is injured or goes through surgery, they need to start the healing process quickly. The goal being they can get back to their sport as soon as possible. Aquatic therapy in Baltimore MD at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center is ideal for anyone, athlete or not. Dr. Neil Cohen and his staff design individualized aquatic therapy exercises in a safe, controlled environment. Contact us today for more information.

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