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Aquatic Therapy: Try it Today

To put it simply, aquatic therapy consists of exercising in a pool to assist in healing. The benefits are reduction in pain, stress and anxiety. Additionally, aquatic therapy aids in rehabilitation, and heals the body from the inside out by using the physical properties of the water. Are you looking for aquatic therapy in Baltimore? Read on to learn more about aquatic therapy offered by Dr. Cohen and his staff at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center in Essex.

The Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

Hydrostatic Pressure

When the body is submerged into water, it gains many benefits due to water’s natural properties. Water’s hydrostatic pressure is the force applied to someone by fluid molecules. This force works without requiring any movement from the person. By simply standing in a pool, the pressure decreases pain and swelling. Plus, it enables freer movements and increases circulation which helps increase blood detoxification. The respiratory system will work a bit harder when a person is submerged in water. Also, moving against water’s pressure results in better muscle tone. People recovering from surgery or injuries as well as those with chronic pain or neurological disorders will all benefit from the benefits of hydrostatic pressure.


The buoyancy property of water supports a patient’s weight, taking that burden off a healing body. Additionally, buoyancy allows people to float, decreasing the stress applied to joints. Buoyancy supports weak muscles and increases mobility as well.

Warm Water

Aquatic therapy is conducted in a pool filled with warm water. Higher temperature water relaxes the body and contributes to an increase in blood flow to an injured area. Plus, warn water decreases involuntary movements, dilates blood vessels, trains stabilizing muscles, boosts overall mood, and reduces tiredness and headaches.

Other Benefits

Aquatic therapy allows you heal in an environment that gives you support. This is especially important if you are feeling discouraged or isolated. At Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center, we develop a personalized aquatic therapy treatment for each patient. We take in account your current physical health as well as your goals.

Looking for Aquatic Therapy in Baltimore?

Reap the extensive benefits of aquatic therapy by scheduling a visit to Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center in Essex. Contact us today to get started on your journey to healing.

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