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Aquatic Therapy Holds the Key to Wellness

Recovering after an injury can be challenging, but aquatic therapy can help. Thanks to the healing properties of water, aquatic therapy also holds the key to overall wellness. If you are looking to start aquatic therapy in Edgemere, visit Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center in Essex. Our therapeutic pool and professional staff are here to help. Here’s what you need to know about aquatic therapy and the ways it keeps you healthy.

Discover the Healing Benefits

Quick Recovery. Aquatic therapy allows you to start rehab sooner after you sustain an injury, which leads to a quicker, smoother recovery.

Relaxation. For centuries people have soaked in warm water to relax. When you are relaxed, your muscles are less tense, allowing you to feel at ease. Additionally, relaxed muscles improve your peripheral circulation.

Less Pressure on Your Body. The buoyancy of the water helps relieve pressure on your muscles and joints. Water’s buoyancy also helps by making moving easier and reducing swelling and pain sensitivity.

Gaining Strength. After an injury, your goal is to return to normal as soon as possible. Water’s viscosity helps provide resistance for strength training. This type of training helps you regain your strength so you can start to perform your normal daily tasks again.

Reduces Further Damage. When you’re injured, gravity adds extra pressure on your entire body. In the water, your healing occurs in an environment with less pressure. Aquatic therapy allows you to perform various strength exercises without having to worry about further injuries.

Improved Confidence When you’re able to achieve many of your recovery goals, your morale and self-confidence improve. Having a positive experience with aquatic therapy means you are more likely to strive harder to achieve your goals.

Quality Aquatic Therapy in Edgemere

Dr. Cohen and the staff at Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center welcomes you! We know how eager you are to recover, and we’re here to help. A few of our rehabilitation services include aquatic therapy, chiropractic care, non-surgical spinal decompression, and more. We’d love to hear from you! Contact us today to learn more about our rehabilitation services or schedule an appointment.


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