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Aquatic Therapy in Middle River for Surgical Patients

Aquatic therapy has many names, including hydrotherapy, aquatic rehabilitation and therapeutic aquatic exercise. No matter the name, aquatic therapy is a type of rehabilitation that takes place in warm, therapeutic water. Importantly, aquatic therapy is planned and supervised by a trained healthcare professional. For people recovering from a surgical procedure, aquatic therapy offers many benefits. If you have an upcoming procedure and are interested in aquatic therapy in Middle River, discover Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center in Essex.

Why Participate in Aquatic Therapy After Surgery

After surgery your top priority is going to be healing. However, it is not recommended that you jump back into your usual routine too quickly. Patients do best when they follow a safe, customized recovery plan that may include aquatic and physical therapy. The benefits of aquatic therapy are:

Increased range of motion. Water’s natural buoyancy helps healing by allowing an increased range of motion. Patients feel freedom to move around without worrying about the full effects of gravity. Moving in water is easier and usually causes less pain, both factors encourage folks to complete their therapy.

Therapeutic temperature. Therapeutic water temperature ranges from 90 degrees to 92 degrees Fahrenheit. This warm, soothing temperature helps relieve aches and pains, stop muscle spasms, relax tense muscles, and aids with an improved range of motion.

Safe resistance. The fluid resistance of water aids with balance exercises and helps with sensory awareness. Water’s natural resistance allows for gentle muscle strengthening without a reliance on weights.

Other Benefits for Patients

The benefits of aquatic therapy don’t stop there. Patients also enjoy:

Improved kidney function.  Aquatic therapy helps increase blood flow to the kidneys. Improved kidney function helps prevent obesity, type two diabetes, and heart disease.

Turbulence. When an individual moves through the water, it results in turbulence and creates a swirling effect. This swirling effect helps the brain send signals to the body to help with the alleviation of pain and has the benefits of a whole-body massage.

Decreased edema. Water naturally exhibits hydrostatic pressure. This pressure helps prevent swelling. With less swelling, the limbs function properly helping with improved range of motion.

Aquatic Therapy in Middle River at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center

Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center specializes in aquatic therapy in Middle River. Additionally, we offer a variety of other rehabilitation services, including chiropractic care, non-surgical spinal decompression, physical therapy, and dry needling. Contact us today or schedule an appointment so we can help you get back on track to enjoying your life without pain.

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