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Aquatic Therapy Helps After a Fall

When you fall and injure yourself, the road to recovery can be challenging. However, thanks to aquatic therapy, you can be on the mend faster than you may have thought possible. For anyone with acute injuries from a fall, or if you have chronic pain, Parkinson’s disease, Fibromyalgia, Muscular Dystrophy, you could benefit from aquatic therapy. If you are looking for aquatic therapy in Nottingham, discover Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center in nearby Essex. Please read on to learn more about the benefits of aquatic therapy.

Explaining Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy involves exercises and treatments that take place in warm water with a therapist. Dr. Neil Cohen and the staff at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center create unique exercise and treatment plans for each individual they see. Once a treatment plan is developed, patients perform this type of therapy for physical rehabilitation, relaxation, and other therapeutic benefits.

What Are the Advantages of Aquatic Therapy?

There are a variety of health benefits of aquatic therapy, including:


Thanks to water’s buoyancy, you have more flexibility and an increase in your range of motion. Consequently, allowing you to move your body and feel less pain. Plus, the warm water helps with relaxation.

Muscle Strength

Water resists rapid movements, so weak muscles get stronger because water is more than 500 times more resistant than air.

Less Pain

Immersing yourself in water increases blood flow to sore and aching muscles, decreasing pain. Additionally, you feel less pain due to weight relief because your body weight is supported in the water.

Improved Balance

Water pressure and buoyancy support your body. Therefore, we find many patients experience a decrease in their fear of falling and being injured. This support boosts confidence and allows you to concentrate on your exercise instead of worrying about your balance.

How Can Aquatic Therapy in Nottingham Help?

Here at Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center, we offer a wide range of services to help patients from all walks of life. Visit us for:

At Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center, we work to improve your overall health and function by providing rehabilitation services using innovative technology. Now is the time to find relief and regain control of your life. Contact us to inquire about our aquatic therapy services or schedule an appointment today.

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