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Aquatic Therapy Helps Shoulder Injury

Rotator cuffs are the tendons and muscles that connect the upper arm bones to the shoulder blades. These tendons and muscles can become damaged due to a sports injury or wear and tear. The good news is aquatic therapy can strengthen the shoulder while rehabilitating the rotator cuff. If you’re suffering from a shoulder injury and you’re looking for professional aquatic therapy in Rosedale, visit Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center in nearby Essex.

Water Allows Easier Movement

Movements such as forward and circular motions or bicep and triceps curls are done in water with less pain. The shoulder is a ball and socket joint with tremendous range of motion that makes it one of the least stable joints in the body. When you lift your arm there are several motions that occur. The ball (head of the humerus) rolls and glides in the socket (glenoid fossa) as the arm is lifted by tension of the muscles and other muscles stabilize the joint and keep the ball in the socket. The water will naturally guide the muscle into the socket, so all the patient needs to focus on is building up the strength to move their arm up and down.

Aquatic Therapy for a Shoulder Injury

During aquatic therapy both water temperature and buoyancy contribute to healing.  Warmer water fully relaxes the muscles and decreases pain while the buoyancy decreases the stress on the rotator cuff.

One example of an exercise may be standing with shoulders completely submerged in water you will swing your arms clockwise and counterclockwise gently as a warmup. Next, with arms at your sides, you will slowly raise them out of in front of them until they are almost at shoulder height. Additionally, you may try wall push-ups and/or utilizing paddles for upward and downward motion with resistance. Regardless of your injury or where you are in the healing process, Dr. Cohen and the staff will carefully develop a personalized treatment plan just for you.

Aquatic Therapy in Rosedale: Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center

Are you ready to find relief from your shoulder injury? When you need aquatic therapy in Rosedale, the professionals at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center are here to help. We also offer our patients chiropractic care, physical therapy and dry needling. Click here to learn more or to book an appointment with us.


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