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Aquatic Therapy in Middle River MD: History and Benefits

Water has been known for its healing benefits for generations. Ancient civilizations relied on water for cosmetic and healing purposes and took advantage of hot springs and baths. Presently, water is used in modern aquatic therapy to treat low back pain, arthritis, post-surgery patients and more. If you need aquatic therapy in Middle River MD for pain management, visit Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center. Read on to learn more!

The Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

Many people can benefit from aquatic therapy. For example, after surgery exercising in a therapy pool reduces swelling. It also improves circulation which helps with the healing process. The warm temperature of the water relaxes stiff muscles and provides a sense of well-being. When you perform exercises in the water, less pressure is exerted on your body compared to exercising on land. Since being submerged in water reduces the amount of gravity, it’s easier to move without experiencing pain or pressure on your muscles and joints. This feature especially benefits those who’ve undergone knee, hip, shoulder, or back surgeries.

Aquatic therapy also helps you regain any balance, strength, or endurance that you may have lost. The water provides resistance so you can improve the strength of your muscles without the use of weights. It also helps you improve your balance because it supports you and you won’t worry about falling. Finally, water provides a mental boost for anyone enduring a long recovery.

Looking for Aquatic Therapy in Middle River MD?

Dr. Cohen and the staff at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center have many years of experience reducing pain and increasing mobility for patients. We’ll evaluate your condition and customize your treatment plan to meet your individual needs. Whether you suffered an injury playing sports, at work, after an auto accident, or need treatment after surgery, we can help. We also offer physical therapy, dry needling, chiropractic care, and non-surgical spinal decompression. For more information about our services or to book an appointment, contact us!


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