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Aquatic Therapy Eases Spinal Pain

Water has been used in therapeutic and rehabilitation practices for centuries. Aquatic therapy, also known as hydrotherapy, can help you achieve better health overall. Plus, we find aquatic therapy especially beneficial for people looking for pain relief in their spine and back. If you find yourself searching for aquatic therapy in Rosedale MD, discover Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center in nearby Essex. Read on to learn how Dr. Neil Cohen and his staff can help and schedule your hydrotherapy session today.

The Benefits of Aquatic Therapy for Spinal Health

Aquatic therapy has many benefits. One of the most renowned benefits from aquatic therapy is the alleviation or reduction of pain in the spine and back.

Less Weight to Bear
Aquatic therapy is great for rehabilitation and pain relief due to the decreased weight you’ll need to carry while exercising or moving in the water. Water allows you to become buoyant. It relieves pressure, including the pressure put on your spinal discs. The buoyancy of the water and the decreased weight put on your spine will make movement less painful. This benefit is especially helpful for individuals dealing with pain after an injury or when recovering after surgery.

Easier Movement
The relief of pressure on your spine and back will make movements feel like a breeze. Moving through the water is easier than moving on land. This is because gravity does not affect you in water the same way it does on land. The decreased pressure on your body will also help to move easier.

Rehabilitation is more than just easing pain. Rehabilitation requires an individual to build up strength in the part of the body that needs rehabilitation. Water is actually 600 times more resistant than air. Increased resistance from water makes your rehabilitation efforts more effective, but without the pain.

Looking for Aquatic Therapy in Rosedale MD? Begin Your Healing Journey Today!

Aquatic therapy is beneficial for individuals who need help rebuilding strength, are healing from an injury or surgery, interested in weight loss, have arthritis, and anyone interested in improving their spinal health.

Dr. Cohen and his staff at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center offer aquatic therapy, as well as other rehabilitation services. We also specialize in chiropractic care, physical therapy, dry needling, and non-surgical spinal decompression. These non-invasive healing methods help individuals heal after injury, surgery, or simply improve their physical well-being. If you are interested in aquatic therapy in Rosedale, MD, contact us today. We look forward to working with you!

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