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Aquatic Therapy to Manage Arthritis Pain

Exercise is essential to any successful arthritis pain management program. However, some forms of exercise can cause additional pain. Aquatic therapy is a preferred option for many patients because you can exercise without putting additional pressure on your joints. If you have osteoarthritis in the knees, hips, or spine, aquatic therapy is especially beneficial, but this treatment is helpful for all arthritis types. We’re here to help patients who could benefit from arthritis pain relief through aquatic therapy in Dundalk MD and the surrounding area.

How Does Aquatic Therapy Help Arthritis Pain?

Water creates resistance, but also provides support. Have you ever tried to walk in chest-deep water? The resistance you feel is created by hydrostatic pressure, a type of pressure exerted by water due to the force of gravity. That resistance helps you build strength as you exercise in the water, which supports your joints over the long-term.

But swimming and floating provide an ease and freedom of movement we don’t experience on land, thanks to buoyancy. This reduced sensation of gravity allows you to engage muscles more fully with less pain. You can float and move in ways you can’t on the ground. Ever wondered why as a kid you could pull off a handstand or backflip in the water but not on land? It’s because water supports body weight making you feel lighter and more agile. Ninety percent of body weight is supported in neck-deep water!

Warm Water Therapy is Best

While you could feel improvement after a swim in any pool, warm water therapy is most beneficial. Warm water soothes pain, relaxes the joints, and decreases stiffness allowing your body to move more easily and comfortably.

Personalized Aquatic Therapy in Dundalk, MD

Here at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center, we know each patient is unique. Our expert staff will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that will support you on your journey to pain-free living. Your plan could include walking or other aerobics, strengthening exercises with foam barbells, and targeted stretching. Contact us to find out more about how aquatic and other types of therapy can help you to heal. Dr. Neil Cohen at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center has over over 35 years total experience including aquatic therapy in Dundalk MD.

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