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Aquatic Therapy Builds Strength

You may remember playing around in the water as a child and while swimming has always been good exercise, did you know that aquatic therapy can actually build muscle strength? Being in the water can make a world of difference for people with mobility issues, those recovering from surgery, or even individuals that deal with chronic pain. If you are looking for aquatic therapy in White Marsh MD, please read on. Discover how aquatic therapy at Comprehensive Spine and Sports center in nearby Essex can help increase your strength and improve your health!

The Healing Benefits of Water

Water Resistance
Water creates a natural weight resistance machine. The resistant properties of water allow people to engage their muscles without increasing the possibility of injury. Exercises become more intense with lower impact. Additionally, muscles tone faster without strain.

Hydrostatic Pressure
You feel this type of pressure when you submerge in water. Hydrostatic pressure works to help decrease pain and improves blood flow. Water exercises help control pain during the time in the pool as well as after you get out.

Muscle Relaxation
Therapy pools are kept at warmer temperatures. The warmth helps relax your muscles and your mind. Plus, circulation improves and you’ll prevent muscles from becoming sore as they build.

Looking for Aquatic Therapy in White Marsh MD?

Those who try aquatic therapy find that they have more energy after they exercise and sleep better at night. Movement in water can help to increase strength, fitness, and endurance, as well as improve mobility in the joints. Even posture and balance can improve with aquatic therapy.

Whether you suffer from chronic pain, arthritis, or are recovering from an injury or surgery aquatic therapy might be a good fit for you. Even if you just want to find a way to build muscle and get into better shape, try aquatic therapy. The professionals at Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center offer aquatic therapy, chiropractic care, dry needling and physical therapy. We work with you to improve your health! Contact us today for more information.

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