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How Aquatic Therapy Benefits Patients

Also known as pool therapy, aquatic therapy is any activity done in warm water to rehabilitate and help patients recover from injury and hard training. It’s a popular treatment for those with musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. A health facility that handles aquatic therapy in White Marsh MD can help individuals overcome such conditions smoothly and successfully recover.

Aquatic therapy is a beneficial treatment process for the injuries sustained while conducting daily activities. Let’s go straight to discuss some of the benefits of this treatment procedure:

Reduced Force of Stress on Joints

When we submerge in water, buoyancy assists in supporting our body weight, reducing the amount of weight-bearing. It, in turn, minimizes the force of stress applied on joints. Therefore, individuals with arthritis, overweight bodies, or fractured bones can rely on this therapy session to reduce pain and perform exercises swiftly.

Muscle Strengthening

While in the therapy pools, we can strengthen our muscles due to water viscosity, which is a source of resistance. This kind of resistance enables our muscles to become stronger without having to load weights. When the buoyancy and water viscosity features combine while engaging in aquatic therapy sessions, our muscle groups strengthen, and we can experience decreased joint stress, something that’s very difficult to achieve on land.

Minimized Swelling and Elevated Joint Position Awareness

Aquatic therapy has hydrostatic pressure that’s responsible for the reduction of swellings and increased joint position awareness. The pressure discharges forces perpendicular to body surfaces, and due to this, the patient’s proprioception is enhanced. This method can be found at a chiropractic center that deals with aquatic therapy in White Marsh MD. It works for multiple conditions, including torn ligaments, reduced proprioception, and joint sprains.

Aquatic Therapy in White Marsh MD

Patients living in the area and in need of aquatic therapy solutions can visit us at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center. We have all the necessary resources to help them recover swiftly. We are staffed with a physiotherapy team led by Dr. Cohen to ensure each patient gets a personalized aquatic therapy plan. Reach out to us today; Dr. Neil Cohen at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center has over over 35 years total experience including aquatic therapy in White Marsh MD.

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