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How to Get the Most Out of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an important step in taking charge of your health and helping improve strength and longevity. When you work with a physical therapist, you can develop a plan that’s individualized for your healing goals. You’ll be able to reduce the amount of pain you experience. Also, you can maximize the healing you experience in a controlled and safe environment. Working with a physical therapist in White Marsh is a great way to help improve your well being and strength.

1. Pay attention to instructions

Your physical therapist will give detailed exercises to practice. It’s important to listen to what they are saying, and clarify the program with any questions. You will then be able to practice the strengthening exercises at home for faster and more effective results. With regular practice, you’re more likely to achieve the results you’re looking for. You will also be able to maintain results for longer periods of time.

2. Practice Corrective Exercises

Correcting muscle imbalances is important for whole body health. It can help to correct imbalances in the muscular system. It helps to restore the function of the joints.Another good outcome from practicing corrective exercises is that it improves posture. As a result, total mobility will be restored. Regularly practicing these exercises helps maintain proper alignment. You will also help to prevent future injuries.

One example of a corrective exercise is the “scapular wall slide”. Doing this strengthens the muscles in the shoulders and the back. Posture is improved as a result and mobility is increased.

The side bridge is another type of corrective exercise. It strengthens the core and helps improve posture when you stand.

The plank is another type of corrective exercise that can help your body improve overall performance. You can also increase flexibility with different tools. Stretching is a great way to maintain strength and limberness. Foam rolling is also another great way to help the body relax and stretch.

Contact a Physical Therapist in White Marsh

For help with improving your body when you’re hurting, let our physical therapy team assist you. We can create a customized plan to help you take control of your body’s healing and well-being. Get in touch with Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center. If you are looking for a Physical Therapist in White Marsh Dr. Neil Cohen has over 35 years of experience, contact us today!


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