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Need Knee Surgery? Discover Aquatic Therapy

Your knee is the largest joint in your body. Because of its complexity and many components, the knee is at risk for many injuries, like ligament tears, fractures, sprains, and dislocations, among others. Thankfully, solutions are available to manage pain. If you are looking for aquatic therapy in Dundalk MD to rehabilitate following knee surgery, discover Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center in Essex.

Types of Knee Surgery

If you have knee pain or damage that does not respond to nonsurgical measures, your doctor may recommend one or a combination of three different procedures.

  • Arthroscopic surgery involves the insertion of thin, long instruments through tiny incisions. Patients report less pain and stiffness and a shortened recovery time following this procedure.
  • According to research, surgeons perform over 600,000 knee replacement surgeries or knee arthroplasties each year in the U.S. Knee replacement surgery replaces damaged parts of the knee with artificial components made of plastic, ceramic or metal.
  • Another surgery commonly performed on active patients under 60 years old is osteotomy. When only a single side of the knee has damage, the procedure involves reshaping and repositioning the bones to shift the weight from off that section.

Reduce Pain and Recovery Time with Aquatic Therapy in Dundalk MD

It can take six weeks to six months to fully recover from knee surgery. There are natural home remedies you could try to speed recovery and reduce pain. Some methods include Tai chi, taking ginger root extract, and using heating pads and cold compresses.

At Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center many of our patients find success with aquatic therapy. Taking part in aquatic therapy can help reduce the time spent recovering after surgery. A recent study showed that participants sped up their recovery dramatically by combining pool exercises and land-based therapy. The pool participants also reported less swelling, stiffness and clicking in the joint area.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy after Knee Surgery

If you’ve had knee surgery, then aquatic therapy can enhance your recovery. With submersion in water, you have a buoyancy that makes it easier to walk and do functional movements like step up’s, lunges, or squats. Additionally, hydrostatic pressure from the water helps reduce knee swelling, lessens pain, and increases range of motion.

At Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center, Dr. Cohen and his staff will work with you. We’ll help you set goals. Together we can develop a treatment plan after your knee surgery or if you have other conditions like fibromyalgia, back pain or muscle spasms. Contact us today with any questions or to request an appointment for aquatic therapy.

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