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Seniors Benefit from Aquatic Therapy

As we age, more and more people face an increasing number of health conditions. Joint discomfort from arthritis, or pain from an injury or recent surgery are all too common. However, suffering is not your only option. Have you heard about the benefits of water exercise and aquatic therapy for pain relief and rehabilitation? Aquatic therapy provides support and gentle resistance. Plus, it eases pain and sore or tight muscles. For anyone looking for aquatic therapy in Parkville, discover Comprehensive Spine and Sports Therapy in Essex.

How Aquatic Therapy Supports Seniors

As your body enters water, buoyancy forces the body weight up. At shoulder level, 85 percent of the body weight is removed. Gravity falls by the wayside, and the water supports the body. Additionally, the water pressure around the you is greater than your blood pressure. This means that the circulatory system moves blood back to the heart at a greater rate. The heart’s fibers expand, getting more oxygenated blood back into the body.

Warm Water’s Benefits

Just as a warm bath relaxes tired muscles, so does aquatic therapy. Water transfers heat faster than air, so warm water therapy instead of therapy on land is recommended for seniors with muscle pain. It also increases blood flow to injured or painful areas. Many times, pain can be eased using aquatic therapy. Plus, pain following surgery is reduced with exercise or gentle exercises in water.

Getting Stronger with Aquatic Therapy

Water provides resistance which helps strengthen the body. Workouts done in water are less apt to harm the joints due to the supportive properties of water. Muscles and joints are strengthened, all without great fatigue. Our therapists provide custom treatment, adjusting according to your current level of strength.

Looking for Aquatic Therapy in Parkville?

Unfortunately, many times the aging body suffers from brittle bones, osteoporosis, failing muscles, and dubious blood circulation. Sometimes chronic discomfort and pain from surgeries prevents seniors from exercising. Aquatic therapy changes all that. Water therapy not only eases pain, it also improves mental health in seniors. If you think water therapy may help you, now is the time to give it a try.

For those looking for aquatic therapy in Parkville, or the Baltimore area, visit Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center in Essex. Contact us for more information. We look forward to helping you live a better life!

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