Aquatic Therapy in Carney

What You Should Know About Aquatic Therapy

At Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center, we offer aquatic therapy in Carney, MD. This particular modality utilizes the benefits of water to help manage conditions and encourage healing. Let’s discuss!

General Information About Aquatic Therapy in Carney, MD

Aquatic therapy in Carney, MD, consists of a patient getting into a therapeutic pool to perform exercises. A practitioner may recommend this treatment for various nervous and musculoskeletal system disorders. This treatment provides benefits that standard on-land techniques can’t due to the buoyancy of the water.

The water in a pool for aquatic therapy is warm, so patients may remain comfortable and receive the benefits of the heated water.

How Aquatic Therapy Works

During aquatic therapy, Dr. Neil B. Cohen, our practitioner with over 35 years of experience, will design a custom program for you specific condition. Dr. Cohen and staff will guide you through a series of exercises that focus on your area of concern.

When you’re in the water, the resistance of the water acts like a weight or resistance band. However, unlike these devices, the resistance doesn’t apply unnecessary force to the joints.

What are the Benefits?

Aquatic therapy has its share of benefits, such as making any exercises low-impact ones. Plus, the water’s buoyancy makes it less painful to move. You can then participate longer and possibly have a better workout.

The pool remains at a static temperature. This results in water that’s a warm temperature continuously and will relax the muscles. Plus, the heat will open your blood vessels to allow the blood to flow more adequately to the affected area. As the blood vessels widen and increase circulation, more nutrients reach the area to promote healing. It’ll also relax and soften soft tissue.

Through aquatic therapy, you may improve your balance. The uniform water pressure and buoyancy of the water provide support. You don’t have to worry about falling and possibly injuring a body part because of the water’s ability to keep you upright.

At the Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center, we offer aquatic therapy to Carney, MD, and the nearby region. It provides various benefits, especially to those with arthritis and other painful conditions.

Contact us today  to try aquatic therapy for yourself.

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