Physical Therapy After Stroke

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A stroke occurs when blood flow to an area of the brain reduces or is completely cut off. As a result, oxygen and other essential nutrients fail to reach brain tissue, and brain cells start to die. When… Read More

A Physical Therapist Can Help Your Sciatica

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Sciatica is one of the most prevalent types of pain yet misunderstood by many. Almost 40% of the nation’s population will suffer from sciatica during their lifetime, and it becomes more recurrent as you grow older. Individuals who… Read More

Choosing the Right Physical Therapist in Middle River

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If you are injured or recovering from surgery, you’ll likely consider physical therapy to aid in your healing process. It is incredibly important to consult with a potential physical therapist to make sure that the fit is right… Read More

Setting Physical Therapy Goals You Can Meet

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Unfortunately, injuries occur in your life that are difficult to overcome on your own. After an accident, sports injury or surgery, many doctors refer patients for physical therapy. The goal is for you to regain your strength and… Read More

Physical Therapy After Foot Surgery

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We understand that sustaining an injury or undergoing surgery can be a disruptive, scary experience. Thankfully when you participate in a consistent physical therapy program, you take an important step toward attaining full recovery. A physical therapist guides… Read More

Physical Therapy After Hip Replacement Surgery

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Has your doctor told you that you need hip replacement surgery? Expect more than just bed rest in order to hasten the healing process. Your doctor will certainly recommend physical therapy to help you to get back on… Read More

Don’t Suffer with Neck Pain Any Longer

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There are many reasons why you may be suffering from neck pain, but regardless of the why, you are likely miserable. Neck pain is hard to ignore because there is never a time during the day when you… Read More

Using Physical Therapy to Stabilize an Ankle Injury

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Basketball has become America’s favorite indoor sport since it was first introduced in 1891. It is a sport enjoyed by all ages and athletic skills, sparking some of our most beloved sports heroes. However, it is not without… Read More

Non-Invasive Treatment for a Ski-Related Knee Injury

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Skiing offers an excellent chance to enjoy exercise outdoors in the winter. While both athletic and fun, skiing can also be dangerous. A simple fall on the slopes can spell disaster, especially to the knees. What Is an… Read More

Safely Rehabilitate Work-Related Injuries

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No matter how safe your workplace is, none are risk-free. When injuries occur at work, it’s important to make sure you receive the proper rehabilitation before returning to the job. In order to accomplish the best results, you… Read More