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A Chiropractor’s Tips for the Holidays

During the holidays, you may be mentally under a great deal of stress. You might also be putting your body under immense physical stress as you push yourself beyond your limits, travel for prolonged periods, and reduce your coordination as you sleep less. Fortunately, a search for “chiropractor Essex MD” can help with this.

Common Pain and Injuries Around the Holidays

You may suffer from back pain when you travel for lengthy amounts of time and put pressure on your lower back. If you’re pushing yourself beyond your limits to try to complete every task you must get done, you may feel aches and pains throughout various regions of your body. It doesn’t help that if it snows, you could easily slip and fall trying to complete all your errands.

Make Sleep a Priority

Cutting sleep to get everything done could affect your mental and physical abilities, which puts you more at risk for an injury as you’re completing tasks.

Instead of cutting sleep time to accomplish all your holiday responsibilities, reduce the time you spend watching TV or surfing the web. Get the sleep you need each night. As you’re getting everything done, pace yourself, ask for assistance, and do the best you can rather than skip sleep.

Prioritize Healthy Eating and Physical Activity

When your body gets the exercise and nutrients it needs, you’ll feel better overall. You’ll have more energy and be able to tackle all the tasks on your holiday to-do list more effectively. Eating right and participating in physical activity also improve your mood and optimize cognitive function. Don’t forget to stretch as well because it can keep your muscles loose and more resilient to an injury.

Take Breaks

Whether you’re driving for hours, doing all the cooking, or shopping, take breaks regularly to give your musculoskeletal system a rest. You’ll prevent overstressing your body.

Search for Chiropractor Essex MD

Perform a search for “chiropractor Essex MD.” Regular adjustments over the holidays can help keep your nervous system in check during this hectic time. You can also reduce your pain and potentially ease stress with a visit to the Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center and see Dr. Neil Cohen who has over 35 year of experience!

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