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Back Pain? Check Your Posture

Regular back pain is hard to live with, but it can also be hard to pinpoint just what is causing that pain. You might pop a pain reliever and just try to make it through the day, but that’s not a solution that will carry you very far. Instead of simply dealing with the pain, you might want to visit a chiropractor in Towson MD to get to the root cause of that pain. One thing you might consider working on is your posture.

Maintaining Good Posture–It’s Hard!

You might know what good posture looks like, but consciously maintaining that posture throughout the day can be downright hard. It’s easier, more natural, and perhaps even more comfortable for your shoulders to hunch and round and for your pelvis to lean forward. You might have bad posture out of a habit, or it might be more because of the curve of your body and its structure. Plus, sitting at a desk all day working, your mind isn’t always going to be on your posture. It’s easy to go back into that slump when you aren’t thinking about posture at all times.

Poor Posture Brings Consequences

If you recognize that your posture is less than perfect, your back pain might be a result you get from it. Before you go through too many options, you might want to try to improve your posture first and see what it does for you. If your posture doesn’t improve, you could develop chronic pain over time and as you get older, other conditions could develop from the issue.

Finding Expert Help

If you are worried about your back pain and/or your posture, you might get an expert assessment and advice on how you could improve things. The professionals will check your alignment, your gait, your spin curvature, and other such things. They will check on any underlying conditions of the posture issue and help you to correct things from there.

Finding a Chiropractor in Towson MD

Check with a chiropractor in Towson MD, like those at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center. You can get an assessment and treatment plan as well as advice as to how you might improve your posture and your pain. Dr. Neil Cohen has over 35 years of experience successfully treating thousands of patients in need of chiropractic care.

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