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Back Pain From Traveling This Summer

You may experience back pain from traveling this summer even if you fly or ride in luxury. That is because sitting for a long time tends to restrict blood flow, increase the pressure on your lower back and neck, and tire out certain muscles. The overall result: Misalignment in your back can lead to pain. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Edgemere MD, we at Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center should be able to help.

How to Prevent Back Pain From Car and Plane Trips

For car trips, keep your knees a bit higher than your hips if possible so you do not fatigue your lower back muscles. Other tips:

  • Use external lumbar support if your vehicle does not have it.
  • Sit up straight to keep even pressure on your lower back disc rather than leaning against the door or console.
  • Adjust your seat close to the steering wheel so you can hold the wheel in a loose, relaxed manner.
  • Take advantage of cruise control to alleviate the pressure on your right leg relaxed (although if it is raining, it is safer not to cruise).
  • Alternate how you hold the steering wheel, going back and forth between the 10:00/5:00 positions and the 3:00/7:00 positions.

For plane trips, pack as lightly as possible. Avoid rushed lifting and twisting when you stow your luggage in overhead compartments. Lift your luggage using recommended techniques. Change your seating position often to keep blood flowing and muscles limber. Walk for a few minutes every once in a while, especially on longer flights. Footrests help if your feet cannot reach the floor. You can get inflatable or foldable ones.

How a Chiropractor in Edgemere MD Can Help

Get in touch today with Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center if you are looking for a chiropractor in Edgemere MD. The earlier you seek care, the quicker we can treat your back pain.

A chiropractor may be able to prevent back pain by assessing the state of your body before you travel, administering pre-travel treatments, and making recommendations for smoother car rides and flights. Chiropractic care also helps with post-travel back pain through spinal adjustments and other interventions.  Dr. Neil Cohen has over 35 years of experience successfully treating thousands of patients in need of a chiropractor.

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