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Car Accident? Call a Chiropractor

Unfortunately, some car accidents cause more than damage to just the vehicles involved. Suffering an injury in a car accident means you’ll need medical treatment and a recovery plan. However, many times injuries are not obvious right away. Whiplash, neck and back pain, migraines, and muscular tension are often the hidden aftermath of a car accident. Thankfully, visiting a chiropractor after a car accident helps you to heal properly. If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Middle River, please read on to learn more about Dr. Cohen and Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center in Essex.

Chiropractor Visits After an Accident

Visiting a chiropractor can help you heal from your injuries caused by car accidents or injuries from other sources. Chiropractors offer non-invasive treatment and drug-free pain relief. They find the root of the problem and develop a plan for recovery and pain management specifically for your needs. A chiropractor helps diagnose injuries such as whiplash that may not be obvious. Plus, a chiropractor also helps:

Restore Range of Motion

Soreness and stiffness are usually present a few days after a car accident which can limit mobility.

Reduce Pain

Soft tissue damage and bruising as the result of a car accident causes pain. A chiropractor reduces discomfort with techniques including spinal manipulation. Proper manipulation of the body significantly lessens pain for the long-term. This technique is preferred over drugs which only mask the pain for a short amount of time and can be addictive.

Reduce Inflammation

Connective tissues and muscles injured in car accident result in inflammation. Inflammation affects the structure of your body and alter the way it functions. A chiropractor works to keep inflammation under control, helping your body heal faster.

How a Chiropractor Will Help

During a car accident, the body is whipped around in forceful and sudden ways. This force damages soft tissues. Fortunately, spinal adjustments performed by a chiropractor help. A spinal adjustment consists of strong pressure on a joint between two vertebrae. As the spine is manipulated, pain lessens and allows the body to function normally and heal itself.

Need a Chiropractor in Middle River?

It’s important to see a chiropractor after going through the trauma of a car accident. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Middle River, visit Dr. Cohen at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Therapy in Essex. He has decades of experience treating many people from all over the Baltimore area. Additionally, his state-of-the-art facility includes aquatic and physical therapy to meet the needs of every patient. Contact us today for more information.

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