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Chiropractic Care can Help with Concussion Symptoms

Concussions are a big news story in recent years. The symptoms of concussions and other traumatic brain injuries can leave lasting impressions on a person who suffers from them. Concussions can occur after a fall, a car accident, sports injuries, and other occasions. Your chiropractor in Middle River, ND can help you to combat the symptoms that come along with this diagnosis.

What is A Concussion?

Concussions are traumatic brain injuries that can be caused by a bump, or blow, to the head. When the incident occurs, the brain moves rapidly back and forth inside the skull. This movement creates chemical changes in the brain and could even damage brain cells.

Signs And Symptoms

If you suspect that you might have a concussion, you will want to get medical care. These types of injuries are very serious and they need to be cared for immediately and for a while after they are diagnoses. The signs can be subtle and might not show up right away. You might get a headache, for example, or hear a ringing in your ears. You might have nausea or even vomiting. You may feel overly tired and drowsy. Your vision may blur and you might feel like you are in a fog. You could even lose your memory or lose consciousness. Some people also feel dizzy or see stars.

The symptoms can last for a few days, weeks, or even months at times. If they persist, you might have post-concussion syndrome.

Chiropractic Care Can Help

You will want medical attention if you think you might have a concussion. The professionals can make sure you don’t have bleeding in the brain or a swelling in that area. Your neurologist will ensure that you are diagnosed properly and are getting the right treatment.

Once you are diagnosed, the most important thing is rest so your head can heal. You will want to have little to no stimulation, which means no screens of any kind. You can also seek chiropractic treatment for the pain and the neck injury to the area.

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Contact Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center, With over 35 years of experience, Dr. Neil Cohen can help with concussions or other chiropractic care.

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