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Chiropractor Visits Increase Flexibility

How naturally flexible you are can depend on factors such as your age and gender. Women are typically more flexible than men. However, the collective effects of years of use and abuse on our bodies become more evident as we age. Some individuals may notice a decrease in their range of motion and flexibility. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be a permanent state for anyone. Visits to the chiropractor can increase flexibility. For those looking for a chiropractor in Baltimore, discover Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center in Essex.

Why Being Flexible Matters

A decrease in flexibility and range of motion can result in a downward spiral towards disability. Without constant exercise, muscles and joints can stiffen. Eventually, scar tissue can form, and simple movements such as picking up items can become difficult.

Injuries can also contribute to stiffness and difficulty moving. As this happens, individuals may start (unconsciously or consciously), avoiding activities and altering their lifestyle.

How Flexible Should You Be?

You can perform a standard “sit and reach” stretch at home. Individuals sit on the floor, with their back pressed against a wall, and use a measuring stick to see how far their fingertips can stretch forward. Repeat three times and record your best score.

For women under 55, 16 inches is average, and for women over 55, 15 is average. For men under 55, 12 inches is average, and for men over 55, 10-12 inches is average.

How a Chiropractor in Baltimore Helps

Visiting a chiropractor is essentially a guarantee to improve your flexibility. A chiropractor performs spinal adjustments, and aligns your bones and joints, to reduce pain and improve flexibility.

A chiropractor can also recommend specific exercises that can be done at home to improve overall flexibility. Experts say stretching just three times a week will drastically improve an individual’s flexibility and range of movement.

Regular visits to the chiropractor will also help to reduce or eliminate any existing joint and back pain, which allows individuals to participate in all of their regular activities, comfortably. Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center offers chiropractic services for anyone looking for a chiropractor in Baltimore.

Chiropractor in Baltimore: Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center

When searching for a chiropractor in Baltimore, go with a trusted facility that has experienced staff. Dr. Neil Cohen and the staff at Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center are here to help. Contact Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center today!

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