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Chiropractor for Headache Relief

Although some headaches are associated with health problems such as high blood pressure or hypoglycemia, many develop from vertebral nerve compression. Thankfully, help is available. If you are searching for a leading chiropractor in Chase MD to treat your recurring headaches, look no further. Dr. Neil Cohen at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center in nearby Essex combats headache pain for his patients.

Clinically referred to as a “vertebral subluxation”, nerve compression involving vertebrae pressing against spinal nerves produces systemic inflammation. Fortunately, headaches traced back to nervous system inflammation can be relieved using a variety of chiropractic techniques.

Drug-free Help for Headache Pain

Tension Headaches

The majority of headaches treated by Dr. Cohen are migraine and tension headaches. A tension headache is generally caused by neck muscle strain when your neck remains in a certain position for too long. If it feels like a tight band is applying pressure around your head and the sensation is accompanied by a dull, steady achiness, you probably have a tension headache.


Much more debilitating than tension headaches, migraines cause intense, throbbing pain, nausea and vomiting, sound and light sensitivity and extreme fatigue. Most migraine pain is felt on only one side of the head. They can occur monthly, weekly or several times a week.

Chiropractic medicine takes a whole-body approach to resolving migraines instead of just relieving symptoms temporarily. Your chiropractor performs an adjustment to your spine to eliminate nerve compression and quickly improve healthy functioning of your nervous system.

Need a Chiropractor in Chase MD for Headache Relief?

Combining other therapies with regular adjustments is an effective, drug-free way to correct vertebral subluxations and increase blood and oxygen flow to the spinal cord. When you come to Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center, Dr. Cohen may also recommend aquatic therapy as part of your headache treatment plan. Aquatic therapy helps reduce stress and strain on neck muscles, promotes relaxation of neck muscles and stimulates blood flow to areas of inflammation. The state-of-the-art pool and facilities at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center are second to none. Since most chronic headaches result from nerve inflammation and lack of blood flow to the spine, both types of therapies can help improve your general health while relieving muscular tension headaches and migraines.

Are you tired of taking over-the-counter medications for recurring headaches? If you need a chiropractor in Chase MD, contact Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Cohen.


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