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Chiropractor in Middle River Offers Treatment for Herniated Discs

A herniated disc is diagnosed when a vertebral disc is impinging on one or more spinal nerve endings. This condition is very painful and disruptive to everyday life. Thankfully, help is available from Dr. Cohen at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center. If you need a chiropractor in Middle River to help with back pain, please read on.

Chiropractors Treat Herniated Discs


Herniated disc symptoms vary depending on where the disc is located. Some people feel:

  • Burning, sharp pains in the calves, thighs and/or buttocks. This pain is likely due to a lumbar (lower back) herniated disc.
  • Tingling, numbness and pain affecting the middle back, shoulders, arms and hands may be attributed to herniated discs located in the upper areas of the back.

Muscles innervated by nerves compressed by a herniated disc tend to lose strength and weaken. Additionally, untreated herniated discs could cause you to stumble or interfere with your ability to grasp and hold objects.

Risk Factors for a Herniated Disc

In most cases, herniated discs develop because of simple wear and tear on the spine. Aging naturally reduces flexibility of discs by decreasing fluid contained in discs. Lack of fluid in discs makes them susceptible to bulging, tearing and rupturing.

You may also be at risk for a herniated disc if you are overweight, smoke or work in jobs involving repetitive pulling, lifting, twisting and pushing.

Visit a Chiropractor in Middle River

One of the most effective, drug-free and surgery-free treatments for herniated disc pain is a spinal adjustment performed by a chiropractor. By gently, but firmly, manipulating the spine to release nerves pinched by a herniated disc, chiropractors provide rapid relief from pain and stiffness.

At Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center, Dr. Cohen is well-known for successfully treating herniated discs. Spinal Decompression is a non-surgical, pain-free, procedure that uses clinically proven principles to relieve back and leg pain, neck and arm pain. Through precise targeting of injured spinal discs and joints, our state-of-the art computer-controlled equipment used in our clinic, works to reduce pressure on the compressed nerves thus relieving that persistent pain.

Contact Us Today for an Appointment

Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center offers various treatments for patients including spinal adjustments, aquatic therapy, dry needling and physical therapy. Following a comprehensive assessment of your condition, a chiropractor will develop and discuss a personalized treatment program that addresses the underlying cause of your herniated disc pain. When you need a chiropractor in Middle River contact our center today. Let us make an appointment for you so you get relief of herniated disc symptoms.

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