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Tips to Improve Your Posture

Maintaining proper posture does more than just look better, it keeps you in better health. Good posture is crucial in improving the health of your blood vessels and nerves and supporting your ligaments, tendons, and muscles. However, according to Science Daily, an estimated 126.6 million adults suffer from musculoskeletal conditions such as back pain, trauma, and arthritis, which can be associated with poor posture. If you suffer from pain and suspect poor posture is the cause it is probably time to see a chiropractor. Looking for a chiropractor in Rosedale? Visit Dr. Cohen and the staff at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center in Essex. We will provide a professional view on how to manage your pain. Read on to learn some tips to improve your posture.

Strive for Better Posture

Stretches and Exercises

Regular exercising improves your body posture and has other enormous benefits. Unfortunately, less than 5 percent of adults take part in 30 minutes of physical exercise daily. Exercising at home or going to the gym can enhance your balance and posture. The most helpful exercises for strengthening your posture include the plank, back extension, and hip flexor stretch, which reduces the tension in your body.

Staying Mindful of Devices

When at work, ensure your computer is at a height that encourages healthy posture. Using your devices at the wrong height adds additional stress to your spine. Ensure you sit back in your chair to avoid straining your back. Finally, make sure the items you’re using throughout the day are reachable to avoid continually bending.

Move Around More Often

Staying in one position, whether standing or sitting for too long may cause muscle tension, fatigue, and discomfort. To avoid any muscle pain, ensure you walk around for several minutes during each hour. Completing various tasks that make use of different muscles may be an excellent way to improve your balance and blood circulation.

Avoid Slouching and Stand Straight

Make sure you keep your chin level parallel to the ground, your stomach in and shoulders back. Ensure your arms fall naturally at your sides. A chiropractor will guide you on how to maintain the right posture while standing and working out.

Spinal Manipulation

Manipulation of the affected joints and tissues helps to restore mobility, hence alleviating pain and muscle tightness. A chiropractor may provide you with a posture device after examination and diagnosis. A posture device helps you gently pull back the shoulders to improve the way you sit and stand.

When You Need a Chiropractor in Rosedale

Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center provides comprehensive rehabilitation services for people from all over the Baltimore area. Dr. Cohen and his experienced staff are qualified to treat back, neck, and joint pain. Patients have access to therapeutic massage, aquatic therapy and we treat injuries from car accidents, sport and those that occur on the job.  Contact us to learn more and we’ll gladly walk with you through your journey to recovery.

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