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Daily Things That Can Cause Headaches

You’re going about your daily routine when, out of nowhere, it seems, you have a headache. You’ve been taking care of yourself, watching what you eat and drink, but you still keep getting headaches. Here are some things that can trigger headaches and vertigo as outlined by a professional chiropractor in Chase, Maryland.

How a Chiropractor Can Help With Headaches

Certain Foods

There are certain foods that can cause an immediate headache. Things such as chocolate, cheese, peanuts, and so on can cause an immediate reaction, similar to an allergic reaction that can make you feel, dizzy, nauseous, and cause headaches. Keeping a log of foods that cause headaches and vertigo will help you avoid them and reduce your chances of getting a headache.


We all love our morning coffee. But, that extra shot of espresso and extra shots of flavored syrup could be triggering your headaches. Heavily-sugared drinks such a soda, energy drinks (e.g.: Red Bull, Monster), sweetened iced tea, and even sports drinks can trigger a headache. While the connection between caffeine and headaches hasn’t been made conclusively, you should also keep a written record of everything you drink so you can keep track of your sugar intake and which beverages tend to bring on headaches.


Anyone who has allergies knows that exposure to them can trigger a headache. Along with the usual sniffling, sneezing, and such, allergies can cause headaches.

Chemicals and Fragrances

Exposure to household chemicals such as cleaners, bleach, detergents, and so on can trigger headaches and vertigo. Perfumes and colognes can also trigger a reaction. While most household chemicals and personal fragrances have warnings, that they may still trigger a reaction if you’re in an enclosed space with limited airflow, such as a conference room at work.


Stress at work is a common trigger for headaches. Stress headaches, also called tension headaches, are where you feel pressure on both sides of your head. They can last for a substantial period of time. Work stress can even cause them when you’re not in the office. Just thinking about work while you’re doing something else can trigger them. Calming techniques such as meditation can help, as well as exercising, which will reduce your stress level.

Seeing a Chiropractor in Chase

If you live in the Chase area and you want to visit a chiropractor who may be able to help to ease related headaches, the folks at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center are ready to help. With their experienced staff and a full range of services, they’ll help you stay healthy. For more information or to schedule an appointment, click here Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center. Dr. Neil Cohen has over 35 years of experience successfully treating thousands of patients in need of chiropractic services.

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