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Healing from Injuries with Chiropractic Care

Whether you’re an athlete or not, you know how painful it is when you put excessive strain on your body. Doing so often results in painful injuries, such as muscle tears, sprains, strains, and more. These injuries can be even more painful when your back and neck are involved. This is something that Dr. Neil Cohen of Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center, the foremost chiropractor Carney, MD knows well, and it’s the main reason why he has dedicated his professional life to bringing relief to their patients. Read on to find out how a chiropractor can help you recover and prevent different types of injuries.

Visiting a chiropractor after suffering an injury, can help speed up your body’s healing process. Because each patient is different, the treatment approach your chiropractor chooses will depend on a variety of factors, including the origin of the injury and the area that is compromised. Some of the most common injuries treated by chiropractors are:

  • back and neck pain
  • inflammation and swelling
  • bone fractures
  • sprains and strains
  • tears in your muscles, tendons or ligaments
  • shin splints

Additionally, chiropractors can help prevent future injuries by relieving tension in your spine and muscles prior to any rigorous activity so your body is fully balanced and less prone to injury. Remember, a tense muscle is more likely to suffer an injury than one that is relaxed and well- balanced.

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care Extend To Your Daily Life

Injuries can happen at any time, whether you engage in strenuous activities or not. Everybody is at risk for getting hurt by simply walking down the street or even sleeping in the wrong position. Visiting your chiropractor in Carney, MD regularly can correct these problems, which will help you lead a more balanced and pain free life.

Are You Looking For The Best Chiropractor Carney MD?

Whether you have suffered an injury practicing your favorite sport or suffer from back and neck pain as a result of strenuous activities, Dr. Neil B. Cohen, the foremost chiropractor Carney MD can help you get relief by designing a comprehensive treatment plan specifically for you.  He has over 35 years of experience.  So, don’t hesitate any longer, if pain or injury are becoming a nuisance and you are looking for relief, give us a call today!

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