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How are Neck and Shoulder Pain Related?

Do you remember that child’s song about how the bones are connected? The neck bone connected to the…backbone and so on? Your neck and your shoulders are connected, so it only makes sense that when you have pain in one, you could very well have pain in the other. Understanding the connection, possibly with help from a physical therapist in Parkville, can help you to find solutions.

The Connection Between Necks And Shoulders

Your neck and shoulders share bones, nerves, muscles, ligaments, and other such things. It’s easy enough for the pain to radiate from one area to another. Pain in the shoulder could actually be coming to form the neck and vice versa. People often feel pain in both areas at once as well.

Symptoms of Neck Versus Shoulder Pain

There are symptoms that can help you to figure out which place originates your pain. If you are having pain that originates in your shoulder, it will start in the shoulder or perhaps in your upper arm. The pain will possibly radiate into the upper arm or will get worse when you move your arm around. The ache feels better when you rest your arm and gets worse at night when you lay down on your side. With neck pain, the pain gets worse when you move your head or twist your neck. It may be relieved a bit when you support your head or neck, like with a pillow. Sometimes it can feel like an electric shock and can radiate down your arm. Headaches often accompany neck pain.

Causes Of These Pains

There are a lot of causes of neck and shoulder pain. You could cause it with poor posture, trauma, because of muscle strain, pinched nerves, overuse, and a variety of other reasons. You are going to want to get the right treatment for the right cause to change things around.

Find a Physical Therapist in Parkville

If you have shoulder or neck pain (or both!) that just won’t go away, talk to a physical therapist in Parkville to correct the root cause of the issue and alleviate your pain at the same time.  Dr. Neil Cohen has over 35 years of experience and the professionals at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center are here to help.

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