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How Does Winter Weather Affect Joints?

No doubt, at some point in your life, you heard your grandparents or parents complain about joint pain during the winter months, but this may be the first time you have noticed your joints are starting to ache as well. While there is no scientific reason why cold temperatures bring on joint pain, it is a phenomenon that happens to enough people to be defined as a real issue. People with arthritis in particular, seem to note the link between colder temperatures and joint pain. The good news is that a chiropractor Eastern Blvd can help. Chiropractic care has been proven to be an effective way to combat joint pain.

How Can a Chiropractor Help with Winter Joint Pain?

There are a few things you can do to help reduce winter joint pain, including wearing compression clothing and choosing to exercise indoors instead. However, if you still cannot find relief, then it may be time to seek out help from a chiropractor Eastern Blvd. A chiropractor will perform manipulations and recommend soft tissue therapies that can help correct misalignments and pressure placed on joints. The end result of guided care can often be a restored range of motion and a noticeable reduction in pain.

How Does a Chiropractor Eastern Blvd Help with Joint Pain Year Round?

Even if you don’t notice an increase in joint pain during the winter months, a chiropractor can be a great option to keep current joint pain at bay – or prevent future joint pain from developing. Regular chiropractor adjustments on your soft tissue, spine, and joints are a great way to keep your joints limber, which will help reduce future joint pain. There is never a bad time for an assessment to see what a chiropractor can do for you.

Get Help from Comprehensive Spine and Sports

If you are looking for a chiropractor Eastern Blvd, then Comprehensive Spine and Sports is the logical choice. We have helped free people from joint pain for years with all-natural treatments that don’t require the use of medication. Dr. Neil Cohen has over 35 years of experience, Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and see how we can help you get a handle on joint pain.

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