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Importance of Physical Therapy after a Car Accident

After a car accident, you may find yourself with some soreness, stiff muscles or joints, and just overall limited range of motion due to injury. Car accidents happen quickly, that immediately after there is a lot going on so you may not know exactly what to do next. Sometimes injuries are noticed until a day or so after the accident when the shock has worn off. That’s why it is important to seek medical attention after any automobile accident. If you are in a car accident and need a chiropractor in Baltimore County, the professionals at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center can help you get back in alignment and provide physical therapy support for injuries you received in the accident.

Why See a Chiropractor After an Accident?

When you’re in a car accident, you may have injuries that are not easy to see or detect. A chiropractor can assess your condition for these injuries and provide readjustment of your spine to alleviate the overall effects of the accident. Physical therapy will help restore strength and flexibility in the muscles to further support the spinal realignment.

The Role of Physical Therapy

By offering chiropractic and physical therapy care, Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center can help you recover from the effects of the car accident and may be able to help you avoid surgery for injuries received. Physical therapy will help by guiding you through a series of exercises designed to restore range of motion and return your limbs to optimal performance. Physical therapy will also reduce the chances of long-term damage to the injured area by helping the torn areas heal correctly. Another wonder benefit of physical therapy is a reduction in pain. By helping your regain strength, range of motion and correct healing, you will experience less pain without the aid of medications. The physical therapist will develop an individual plan for you based on the nature of your accident and overall health condition. Physical therapy will also help reduce the chances of needing surgery from the accident.

A Chiropractor in Baltimore County can Help

If you’re in Baltimore County and need a chiropractor or physical therapist because of a car accident, contact the professionals at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center to schedule an appointment. Dr. Neil Cohen has over 35 years of experience successfully treating thousands of patients injured in auto accidents.

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