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Meet the Chiropractor: Dr. Neil Cohen

Plenty of people seek relief from aches and pain as well as headaches and stress reduction. Are you looking for a solution for a health issue? Fortunately, chiropractic care may be the answer you are looking for. We know that you have many choices when it comes to your healthcare providers. If you are searching for a chiropractor in Rosedale MD, discover Dr. Cohen at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center in nearby Essex. Read on to learn more Dr. Cohen.

Introducing Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center’s Dr. Neil Cohen

Dr. Neil Cohen is a national board-certified Chiropractor. Additionally, he holds a board certification in Rehabilitation. Patients feel confident due to his thirty-plus years of clinical experience practicing physical therapy, rehabilitation and chiropractic care. For the last twenty years he has been the director of Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center in Baltimore. There he and his staff see many patients with spine and extremity pain and dysfunction. Dr. Cohen is an expert in diagnosing spinal pain and educating patients about treatment options. Over the years many patients have come to Dr. Cohen for post-operative rehabilitation after shoulder, knee, back and neck surgery.

In a recent interview Dr. Cohen discussed his early interest in healthcare and especially in chiropractic care. He said, “My father injured his back at work and found success with chiropractic treatment after seeing several surgeons that were not helpful.” He further explained, “The surgeons recommended surgery and said that his plumbing career was over. My father could barely walk, but the chiropractor had him back to work as a plumber in a few days.”

A native of New York City, Dr. Cohen first pursued his career in chiropractic at City University of New York. Next, he attended Texas Chiropractic College where he received his doctorate. Three years of additional training led to a post-doctorate degree in rehabilitation. Now Dr. Cohen resides in Baltimore with his family. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, cycling and gardening.

Looking for a Chiropractor in Rosedale MD?

Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center in Essex offers various treatments for patients including spinal adjustments, aquatic therapy, dry needling and physical therapy. Following a comprehensive assessment of your condition, Dr. Cohen will develop and discuss a personalized treatment program that addresses the underlying cause of your pain and discomfort. Contact us today to learn more about our services at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center. Dr. Cohen and his staff look forward to helping you.

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