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See a Chiropractor After a Car Accident

Auto collisions often happen unexpectedly. However, regardless of the circumstances leading to a car accident, bodily harm and property damage are often inevitable. Research shows that approximately 3 million Americans sustain accident-related injuries yearly. While sometimes car owners may walk away from the scene of a road accident feeling unharmed, accident injuries can go undetected for weeks or even months. Medical doctors can help identify and mitigate any apparent signs of car accident-related injuries, including concussions, fractures, and broken bones. Chiropractors in particular are well-trained in detecting such injuries via orthopedic and neurological tests. This is why car owners should consider consulting with their chiropractor in Sparrows Point MD after a car crash.

Telltale Signs that a Person Should Visit a Chiropractor Following a Vehicle Accident

Physicians may fail to identify some signs of accident-related injuries, including soft tissue damage, joint and nerve function issues, and diminished muscle strength. Through extensive tests, chiropractors can help quickly detect and remedy such problems. Below are some of the signs that a person should see a chiropractor after a car accident:


In most car accidents, the neck, joints, and back are common areas that may sustain injuries. While medical doctors can provide effective remedies for extensive neck and back injuries, chiropractors can create customized pain alleviation plans for car accident victims suffering from less severe injuries such as whiplash.


As predetermined, neck and back injuries are often quite common in vehicle collisions. Therefore, compressed, severed, or pinched nerves, as well as herniated discs and spinal disc misalignment, may happen, causing numbness and tingling sensations.

Why People Should Never Ignore Accident-Related Injuries

Although they may be common in accident-related injury victims, people should see a chiropractor after a car accident. The practitioner can provide anti-inflammatories and physical therapy regimens to alleviate these issues.

Car owners should never ignore their accident-related injuries since medical experts claim that the spine absorbs most of the force, even during minor fender-benders. Under such circumstances, it can misalign, creating compensating patterns that may eventually lead to the deterioration of the soft tissue and spine damage.

Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center; A Reliable Chiropractor in Sparrows Point MD

People in need of a professional auto accident chiropractor in Sparrows Point, MD, can visit Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center. Dr. Neil Cohen at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center has over over 35 years total experience as a chiropractor in Sparrows Point MD.

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