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So You’ve Gone to the Chiropractor, Now What?

After you visit a chiropractor in Towson, MD, you may wonder what happens next, both in terms of results and what you can do to optimize your results. By understanding fully what to expect after, you can better prepare.

Types of Treatments Provided by a Chiropractor in Towson, MD

One of the more common treatments our practitioner uses is a chiropractic adjustment. During this particular treatment, our chiropractor manually ensures your spine is in perfect alignment.

The treatment may also consist of chiropractic exercises, which entail our specialist guiding you through exercises to work a particular body part.

Non-spinal decompression is another example. During this technique, the chiropractor connects you to a series of rigging linked to a machine. Once turned on, it gently pulls your spine in opposing directions, thereby separating the discs and vertebrae.

And these are merely some examples.

What to Expect After

Some patients notice immediate pain relief or some relief within the first 72 hours. Others need multiple treatments to experience positive results.

It’s possible to have more pain, feel sore, or have flu-like symptoms. This is your body adjusting to the adjustment, and these issues are temporary.

Follow-Up Tips

As a general rule, you may resume your usual life after you receive chiropractic care. You may immediately return to work, participate in your favorite hobby, or recommence any of your responsibilities.

Make sure you drink adequate water after seeing a chiropractor. Water is necessary for the health of your spine. Your spinal discs, for one, contain water and require it to remain flexible.

Drinking plenty of water also helps to flush away any toxins from your body.

After your alignment, stay active. This helps solidify the results because your body doesn’t have the chance to resume its usual position, as it would if you remained seated.

Return for follow-up appointments as recommended by your chiropractor. Not everyone receives all the benefits of chiropractic care during the first appointment.

At Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center, Dr. Neil B. Cohen our chiropractor in Towson, MD, wants you to know that there’s not much to do on your end after a visit, except to return as needed and stay hydrated. Contact us today!

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