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Visit a Chiropractor and Reduce Stress

These days people live with a lot of stress and anxiety. In fact, 70% of adults say they experience stress daily. It can be caused by a combination of environmental and emotional factors and regardless of the cause, it negatively affects the body. Since stress triggers the fight-or-flight response, the brain signals the sympathetic nervous system. Consequently, your heart rate, blood pressure, and blood volume increase. Stress may also cause the spine to become locked and can impair the body’s immune response. Thankfully a chiropractor can fix these issues. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Rosedale, discover Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center in Essex.

How to Reduce Stress

A few ways to naturally relieve stress include exercise, playing with a pet, learning to say no, and practicing yoga and mindfulness. Exercising lowers the stress hormone cortisol while allowing the body to release endorphins improving mood and relieving pain. A bonus benefit is getting better sleep!

Owning a pet causes your brain release oxytocin and boosts your mood. Plus, caring for your furry friend gives you a sense of companionship and keeps you active. Learning to say no means avoiding situations that will give you too much handle and will only cause you stress. Yoga balances the body and the mind and lowers blood pressure and improves mental health. Mindfulness allows the mind to focus on the present moment rather than worry about what’s to come or hasn’t happened yet.

Another great way to help reduce stress and relieve tight muscles and tension headaches is to visit a chiropractor. Chiropractic adjustments release tension, improve blood circulation and can stop the brain from being on fight-or-flight mode. Your chiropractor may also recommend a deep tissue massage, supplements, and other forms of stretches or exercises that may help.

When You Need a Chiropractor in Rosedale Visit

Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center

Our staff and state-of-the-art facility have the experience and technology to treat back, neck, and joint pain. We offer services such as rehabilitation, physical therapy, aquatic therapy and dry needling. Whether you need treatment for back pain, after surgery or are suffering from a work or sports injury, Dr. Cohen and staff can aid you in healing. For more information or to schedule an appointment today, contact us!

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