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Visit a Chiropractor and Exercise for a Healthy Back

Back pain impacts many Americans. It’s the leading cause of disability that prevents people from engaging in their favorite activities. Since the back is a complex structure of joints, bones, muscles, and ligaments, it can easily be injured or sprained. Sometimes a movement as simple as picking something up from the floor can lead to back pain. Thankfully, help from a chiropractor and some work at home will do wonders. If you’re struggling with back pain and you need a chiropractor in Nottingham MD to help you with the discomfort, visit Dr. Cohen. He and the staff at Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center in Essex design customized programs to relieve pain.

Relief From Your Chiropractor and at Home Exercises

Chiropractors perform spinal manipulation to relieve back pain. It is safe, effective, and doesn’t require medication or surgery. Your doctor combines moving joints, massage and physical therapy. You’ll experience a relief from pressure on joints, reduced inflammation, and improved nerve function. Another form of therapy is spinal mobilization which is a gentle technique to enhance joint function. Both forms of therapy provide great relief because it doesn’t mask the issue, it solves it. We also recommend at-home exercises to complement your chiropractic care.

Exercises such as the “hip hinge hold” target the back muscles and help keep discomfort at bay. To do a hip hinge hold keep your shoulders pulled down, slightly bend your knees, and stand with your feet hip to shoulder-width apart. With your back naturally arched, lean your hips back as far as they go, and hold it for 30 seconds. Another exercise known as the “hollow hold” requires you to lay on your back with your arms extended behind you and your legs extended in front of you. Push your lower back to the floor as you lift your arms and legs to form the shape of a C. Hold this position for one minute as you squeeze your abs.

Looking for a Chiropractor in Nottingham MD?

At Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center, Dr. Cohen and the staff are here to help you alleviate back pain and discomfort. We’ll create a unique rehabilitation plan to help reduce your pain and increase mobility. We also offer therapeutic massage, aquatic therapy, physical therapy, dry needling, and nonsurgical spinal decompression. To schedule an appointment today, contact us!

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