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What Does the Term Radiating Pain Mean?

When visit our chiropractor in Essex, MD, for an injury or because of chronic pain, we may ask if you have radiating pain. If you’re unsure of the definition, read on. You can then respond confidently, which will lead to a more accurate diagnosis.

General Information

Radiating pain occurs when the pain travels beyond the initial area of the injury or source of pain, such as neck pain that extends down an arm. On the other hand, you may have sciatica symptoms if you have pain in your lower back through your buttocks and down a leg.

This type of pain occurs because the nervous system is interconnected. Therefore, pain in one part of the body can extend from that area along the nerve pathways and contribute to pain in other regions of the body.

Causes of Radiating Pain

As noted, sciatica sometimes causes radiating pain. It may stem from a herniated disc that’s placing pressure on the sciatic nerve. A muscle injury in your lower back can also constrict the sciatic nerve and lead to radiating pain. As the spinal narrows from spinal stenosis, it can compress the sciatic nerve as well, which will contribute to sciatica.

If you have whiplash — a soft tissue injury in the neck — you may experience neck pain. In addition, that pain may radiate down an arm.

Other causes of radiating pain include:

  • Bursitis
  • Spondylosis
  • Pinched nerve
  • Arthritis
  • Strain
  • Tendinitis
  • Neuropathy

Get Help Today From a Chiropractor in Essex, MD

Pain is a warning sign from your nervous system that something is wrong. By ignoring it, the problem will continue. Not only will you continuously suffer, but it can worsen over time. And as it does, it’ll increasingly affect you and may even reduce your range of motion and function in that area.

Fortunately, when you visit our chiropractor in Essex, MD, we can help ease that radiating pain through all-natural methods. We not only ease discomfort and other symptoms through treatments like chiropractic alignments but also promote healing whenever possible. We may even manage your chronic pain through spinal decompression, adjustments, and more.

If you have radiating pain, contact us at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center for an appointment today by calling 410-686-8400.  Dr. Neil Cohen has over 35 years of experience and can help you get to the root of your radiating pain.

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