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Teachers’ Stress Affects Aches and Pains

Teachers have incredibly important jobs, and certainly have enough to think about in educating the nation’s children without also having to worry about pain. Unfortunately, teachers often develop sore backs, necks, headaches, and other things as a result of the stress they face on a day to day basis. Stress can lead to all sorts of pain and other issues, but there are techniques that  could be a part of physical therapy in Essex that can help reduce stress to ease pain.

Physical Therapy in Essex can Ease Aches and Pains

Do Enjoyable Things

Make sure to give yourself a break when you aren’t teaching by doing something you enjoy. If you like to paint, make some time after school for that. Read a good book for an hour over the weekend or watch a movie with your family. Unwinding and just giving yourself time to relax can help undo the stressful day.

Take a Walk

If you have a free period during the day, or a little time over lunch, getting fresh and and moving your body in a different way can be a great way to let the stress roll off your back. Even a 10-minute walk around the school can help you to feel better the rest of the day.

Get Your Sleep

It can be hard to go to bed when you have papers to grade, but you need your sleep to keep your focus on the kids during the day and keep the stress at bay. If you scrimp on the sleep, your immunity can lower and you might find yourself calling for a sub that much more often.

Try Deep Breathing

After a particularly challenging class, give yourself a few minutes to breathe deeply and concentrate on that process. It can help you to calm things down, even if only temporarily.

See a Pro for Physical Therapy in Essex

Chiropractic adjustments can help you take care of your health and wellness in a practiced and professional way. You can relieve aches and pains and greatly reduce stress as a result. Physical therapy in Essex can also help you to regain mobility and strengthen muscles so the weaker areas aren’t overcompensating and bringing pain. The professionals at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center, including Dr. Neil Cohen, are here to help with a free consultation to help you get on the road to a pain-free future. Dr. Cohen has over 35 years of experience including over 25 years in Essex.  He has successfully treated thousands of patients with stress-related physical issues.


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