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A Physical Therapist Can Help Your Sciatica

Sciatica is one of the most prevalent types of pain yet misunderstood by many. Almost 40% of the nation’s population will suffer from sciatica during their lifetime, and it becomes more recurrent as you grow older. Individuals who suffer from acute or chronic back pain tend to be more vulnerable to sciatica. Thankfully, Dr. Neil Cohen, a chiropractor and physical therapist in Essex MD, provides treatment to relieve pain and discomfort. Read on for more information.

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica refers to pain in the back and legs with possible tingling, numbness or weakness that starts from the lower back and goes down through the buttock up to the back of the leg via the large sciatic nerve. Sciatica is an indication of something else, such as a ruptured inter-vertebral disc, a pelvic fracture or spinal stenosis. Symptoms of sciatica include one or a combination of the following:

  • Constant pain in only one side of the buttock or leg
  • Pain that is worse when sitting
  • Leg pain that is often described as burning or intense
  • No feeling in your leg or difficulty moving your leg or foot
  • A sharp pain that may make it difficult to stand up or to walk

A Physical Therapist Can Help Your Sciatica

Physical therapy is an efficient and cost-effective way to help relieve your sciatic nerve pain. Physical therapy for sciatica includes passive and active therapy. Passive therapy involves thorough stretching that targets the hips, buttocks and legs. The stretches help elongate the spinal column and release the compression on the sciatic nerve, hence improved posture and maximum relief.

Conversely, in active therapy your physical therapist administers manual manipulation and spinal adjustments to strengthen your back. He or she will apply particular amounts of force on specific areas. As a result, increasing the oxygen level circulating in the blood giving relief and breaking through to new levels of functionality.

Do not let chronic back and leg pain control your life, visit Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center for a physical therapist in Essex MD. Dr. Cohen and his staff will carefully examine you. Next, they create a treatment plan that caters explicitly to your sciatic nerve pain. It is also crucial that you commit to following the program step-by-step to recover fully.

At Comprehensive Spine and Sports center, we can help you find the relief you need from the discomfort of minor-to-moderate sciatica. Our physical therapists are top-notch and experienced; they understand sciatic pain and strive to eliminate it so your back on your feet, doing the things you enjoy most. Contact us today for more information. 

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