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Benefits of Physical Therapy for Athletes

Physical therapy has a huge number of benefits for athletes, including decreased risk of injury, more mobility, pain reduction, strength rebuilding, and enhanced overall performance. If you are looking for physical therapy in Essex, we at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center should be able to assist.

Physical Therapy Approaches and Benefits

The first appointment includes an evaluation that lasts about 30 to 60 minutes. It helps set a plan of care, and therapists give patients exercises to start. Each following visit includes plan monitoring and reassessment as athletes respond and change to progress.

Athletes tend to get physical therapy in the office two or three times a week while doing home therapy daily. The overarching benefit of physical therapy is less pain over time.

However, you do not necessarily need to be injured or in pain to benefit from physical therapy. For instance, if you would like to improve your range of motion, we can do an assessment to see how that might be possible.

Common Injuries Athletes Face

Common athlete injuries include sprains, strains, back pain, tennis elbow, shin splints, fractures, collarbone dislocations, kneecap dislocations, and shoulder cap dislocations. Athletes may also have to deal with tendonitis, concussions, and post-operative care.

Common injury types can vary by sport. Baseball players, for example, can experience wrist tendonitis, pitchers elbow, ACL tears and other knee injuries, shoulder instability, and rotator cuff injuries, among others.

Different Activities Can Qualify You as an Athlete

You could be an athlete and not even know it. For example, maybe you bowl, run, or hike for pleasure rather than being on your community’s or school’s sports teams. You are an athlete and at risk of athlete-related injuries even if you do not compete. Physical therapists can help you.

Signs you might want to see a physical therapist include swelling, pain, decreased movement, and a hard time walking or running. If you have an injury, physical therapy can also help you recover more efficiently.

Physical Therapy in Essex Can Help Prevent Injuries and Speed up Recovery

Looking for physical therapy in Essex? We at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center offer modalities for strength, motor control, stretching, and endurance. Aquatic physical therapy is available, too. Get in touch today.  Dr. Neil Cohen has over 35 years of experience successfully treating thousands of patients in need of physical therapy.

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