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Broken Ankles Heal Better with Physical Therapy in Essex

A broken ankle can stop anyone in their tracks. When it comes to treatment, the right choices might mean the difference between never quite getting back to your old self and being better than ever; that’s why physical therapy in Essex matters. Specialists in the field like Dr. Cohen and the staff at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center staff tailor plans to each patient because one size does not fit all when you’re talking about a broken bone.

How Physical Therapy Helps Right After the Break

After going through the usual X-rays and setting under a doctor’s care, it’s time to reach out to a physical therapist or team of therapists. This is not the time for rebuilding the ankle, instead this period serves as a chance to be in a “holding pattern” of sorts which keeps the area limber and ready for exercises when the time is right. A therapist can advise patients about which movements and plans will best serve them during this period. It also establishes a personal care plan that will pay off later on in the healing process.

When You’re Ready for Complete Physical Therapy in Essex

Establishing that you are ready to go forward in a joint process that requires constant communication between your therapist and general physician. When the time is right, Dr. Cohen and his staff prepare a comprehensive plan which takes every step into account. The focus on healing ankles is a two-part approach with motion and balance being the major objectives. While movement might be easy to understand, balance might not be the first thing that comes to your mind. It’s essential to keep up balance to distribute weight across the foot and ankle, without the correct distribution you could be facing a weaker bone structure or additional fractures.

Prepare for Homework

In-person sessions and consultations are just a part of the physical therapy plan. At home workouts and exercise are crucial to the best outcomes. You don’t have to do this all on your own, PT experts like Dr. Cohen acts much like your teacher helping you learn and take these plans home to get the regimen down just right. In some cases, you might need items to continue the plan. When that happens the staff can assist with suggestions or the items themselves.

The prospect of a broken ankle is something that frightens couch potatoes and sports stars alike. When the worst happens, you look for the best physical therapy in Essex and it doesn’t get any better than the staff at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center. Contact us today to get started on the healing process

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