Choosing the Right Physical Therapist in Middle River

If you are injured or recovering from surgery, you’ll likely consider physical therapy to aid in your healing process. It is incredibly important to consult with a potential physical therapist to make sure that the fit is right for you. Whether your treatment will be for a short or long period, you will need to have a strong and trusting relationship with your physical therapist. Your therapist helps you heal, so it is essential you choose a someone that you feel comfortable with.physical therapist in Middle River -- Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center If you are looking for a physical therapist in Middle River, visit Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center in Essex. Dr. Neil Cohen and his staff make sure that each and every patient is given the best possible care.

How to Choose a Physical Therapist

Here are some steps you should take when considering a physical therapist:

  • Ask the physical therapist questions. Make sure that they are giving you answers that you feel comfortable with. This is a great opportunity to see if they are able to explain your treatment to you in a way you can understand.
  • Inquire about your physical therapist’s training and background. You want to ensure that you are working with a fully licensed and certified physical therapist.
  • Work with your potential physical therapist to determine a time frame for your recovery goals. Have an open discussion around the timeline to ensure you are on the same page.
  • Discuss your case with your physical therapist to see if they are familiar with your situation and have treated similar cases. Many therapists have specialties and you may be able to find a physical therapist who focuses on your type of needs.
  • Visit the office of your physical therapist to get a good look at the facilities available. Ensure that you feel comfortable in the environment.
  • Check out the clinic online to verify that they have positive reviews. A reputable clinic should be easy to find online with several reviews.

Physical Therapist in Middle River: Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center

For those looking for a physical therapist in Middle River, Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center in Essex is your top choice. Our team of professionals offers optimum treatment plans for our patients and we have the five-star reviews to prove it! We are a complete facility and have the experience and technology to treat neck, back, and joint pain.

Some of the other services Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center provides include physical therapy, aquatic therapy, and chiropractic care. Click here to contact us for more information.

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