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Improve Flexibility with Physical Therapy

As the body ages, it is only natural that you start to lose some of your flexibility, and this process is expedited if you suffer an acute injury. Following an injury that sprains a muscle, tears a ligament, breaks a bone, or does all three, you may experience a loss of flexibility and strength in the associated joint. Luckily, physical therapy in Towson can help you get it back. If you are willing to take the time to participate in regular physical therapy following an accident or injury, you can achieve better flexibility and regain your strength over time.

How Does Physical Therapy in Towson Help Improve Flexibility?

The main goal of almost every physical therapy program is to help restore a normal range of motion to someone who has suffered an accident, injury, or loss of mobility due to a disease or condition such as arthritis. Physical therapists often combine hands-on techniques with exercises to slowly help restore flexibility and movement to an area that may have frozen up over time. There are now many different methods that physical therapy in Towson can take advantage of to help restore flexibility including static stretching and PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation).

Examples of Common Physical Therapy  Stretches

Physical therapy is also focused on providing patients with home-based exercises they can perform to help augment each session. These exercises help them transition from therapy back into their normal lives while maintaining their new levels of flexibility. Common examples of exercises that may be used by a physical therapist to increase flexibility include:

  • Piriformis Stretch
  • Lunge with Spinal Twist
  • Figure Four Stretch
  • Frog Stretch
  • Seated Neck Release
  • Butterfly Stretch.

Find Out More About Physical Therapy in Towson

If you are encouraged by the idea of regaining your flexibility via physical therapy in Towson, then Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center can help. We have a host of trained and licensed therapists ready to help you exceed your goals. If you are ready to get back into the game with increased strength and/or flexibility then our team is the right choice. We provide personalized plans for all of our patients. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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