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October is National Physical Therapy Month

Did you know that October is National Physical Therapy Month? Now is a great time to discover the benefits of physical therapy. Physical therapy helps people regain their mobility while boosting overall well-being. So, if you want to find out more about physical therapy in Rosedale, please read on. Learn how a personalized physical therapy plan improves your health and how it can be a wonderful healing alternative to medication.

Who Benefits From Physical Therapy?

Many people benefit from physical therapy. For example, at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center we have helped those who suffer from chronic pain, post-surgical patients, and people who have been in car accidents. Customized plans are developed for each individual to ensure the biggest benefit from physical therapy.

Various Therapy Techniques

Therapy techniques such as joint mobilization and soft tissue massage are used to improve joint function. Additionally, heat therapy, cryotherapy, and electrical stimulation decrease pain, inflammation and improve function. Heat therapy is known to prevent muscle spasms and decrease joint stiffness. A soft tissue massage reduces blood pressure and improves oxygen flow. Furthermore, massage also speeds the recovery of strained ligaments.

The Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapists help people recover from injuries and help prevent further injuries by finding and correcting imbalances and weaknesses in the body. For example, after a stoke physical therapists stimulate affected muscles and nerves to prevent stiffness. All of this while also assisting with the relearning of skills such as bathing and getting dressed. By stretching and performing strengthening exercises, patients improve their ability to walk, stand, and balance. Physical therapy for seniors allows them to retain their independence and improve functionality. Sometimes if you see a therapist after an injury, physical therapy may fix the issue and eliminate the need for surgery.

Physical Therapy in Rosedale

At Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center in Essex, Dr. Cohen and the staff have experience with people from all walks of life. We strive to improve your range of motion, speed your recovery, and reduce your pain. Aside from the physical therapy services, we offer aquatic and chiropractic therapy as well. To find out more about our services, contact us!

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